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As one could expect there has always been huge interest in celebrities‘ private life, especially  their private photos – selfies and nudes. The biggest leak on iCloud, later called the‚Fappening‘ happened in August 2014. Around 500 pictures of mostly female celebrities have been stolen from iCloud and posted on Imageboard 4chan, later spread via Imgur and Reddit by the users. The hackers possibly used the option of unlimited password attempts of Apple‘s iCloud service.This event has later in the media been called ‚Celebgate‘ or ‚Fappening‘ (alluding on someimages depicting masturbating celebs). Some celebrities even denied the authenticity of the images. Furthermore Apple started to take more complex security measures for sensitive content.

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Amber Heard The FAPPENING

  • Jennifer Lawrence THE FAPPENING

    Jennifer Lawrence THE FAPPENING

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The Bigest stars was Jennifer Lawrence with naked selfies .

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