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The True Boob — an investigation into the chest of Lacey Chabert 

Let’s talk about Lacey Chabert’s boobs. …I don’t know anything about Lacey Chabert’s boobs. Really. I’m totally unprepared for this. Is it Monday already? The last time I saw them was 12 years ago in a semi-sideboob bath scene, and then 2 years after that in Mean Girls. I don’t know…her boobs seemed to fit her pretty well, and then I left for bustier pastures. She just never captured my imagination. Why did I pick Lacey Chabert again? Well, I hear her boobs grew a lot recently. Quite suddenly, at 31 years old. That’s pretty unusual. The user who suggested her mentioned possible implants. Did Lacey Chabert get breast implants? I think it’s time for a genuine, good old fashioned True Boob boob puzzle. I’ve been playing on easy mode for the series so far, only covering girls that I’ve been familiar with, and I think we could use my ignorance to our advantage here. This one sounds like it’s going to need some real investigation, and maybe it’s time I take you guys along for the ride.

Let’s start by going to Bing to doing a quick search for Lacey Chabert. Google’s a dick and filters nudity no matter what, so we don’t have a choice in the matter. Be sure to turn off SafeSearch, and this should give us a good cross section to start with. What did we find?

I’m noticing that aside from a little flair up here and there, she’s pretty conservative with her chest. This is a genuinely hot girl with a hot body who wears well fitting and somewhat flattering bras, but she’s not making any effort to draw excessive attention to her boobs or give them any character. They’re just part of her proportionally hot girl package. And at this point I would usually move on. It’s fine that she’s not playing the boob game, but there’s really not much for me to do here.

Here’s one of the flair ups I mentioned.

Her boobs look good, but you can tell they’ve been plumped.

Her boobs look good, but you can tell they’ve been plumped.
That bra scene was from “Slightly Single in L.A.” — the movie “Imaginary Friend” came out a year before in 2012. Let’s take a look at that one. And by the way, between Slightly Single and Imaginary Friend, she plopped 3 other movies. Apparently Lacey Chabert has become quite the popular Made for TV leading lady. There’s no shame in that, but it’s a lot of stuff to go through.
She wears a bikini in Imaginary Friend. And the results look a lot more realistic than just a year later. GIF:
In fact, that bikini top might be padded a little at the bottom. Her boobs could be smaller than we thought.
With Slightly Single in L.A. and this photoshoot in Maxim last year, it looks like we’re at the start of a Lacey Chabert boob revolution. This mild mannered girl next door has just set fire to her own Jennifer Love Hewitt style early-to-mid 30’s second wind boob blaze. And it’s more than just one publication or director wanting to squeeze a little more juice out of the orange. This is a consistent change in size. Those are SHERBET.
I mean, they’re huge now, right? Right guys? … No, they’re not huge.
So Lacey has the same boobs she’s always had, a little smaller and resting slightly lower with age, and less firm due to the weight loss and toning that comes from getting a washboard stomach. And if you’re into fit women, she might’ve just jumped onto your radar. Her torso is full blown Iron Man now.
But you can’t suck all the fat from a petite frame and have your Double D’s too. This sort of stomach-based transformation doesn’t give you boobs, it takes boobs away.
We’re more attentive, we’re more discerning, and we aren’t so easily fooled. They might think that it’s easy to get away with a clothing and computers boob con when 99.99% of the population will never share their bed and discover the lie firsthand, but with education and scrutiny, we’re bringing the power back to the people. Too many men and women have been disappointed when the official nude scene finally comes along and it turns out their pinata has been filled with fucking broccoli. No more.
Lacey Chabert has boobs that perfectly fit her perfect body. Her face is beautiful, she has lovely hair, her voice is cute. Just relax. You don’t need t-rexes strapped to your chest. These pushup bras not only skyrocket people’s expectations of your boobs, they make them think they’re fake. Styling boobs for attention is like a high wire balancing act. It’s easy to be too cautious and dainty and tip toe right under the radar, boring your audience. But it’s just as easy to do a triple backflip and fall 300 feet to your death. You need to know your limits.
Lacey Chabert doesn’t have a golden age, but I loved her in Lost in Space.

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